Roch Fautch Slide
  • Arrogance of Intellect
  • Avenue of Dreams
  • Caduceus
  • Carnival of Creation
  • Edge of a Dream Revisited
  • Inhibitions
  • Lesser of Two Evils
  • Machinations of Mythology
  • Matter of Time
  • Paralysis by Analysis
  • Raising of the Mother
  • Rogan's Return
  • Self Portrait
  • The Culmination
  • The Dream
  • The Maiden
  • Transcendental Shame
  • Transitory Intellect
  • Waiting on a Dream
  • Winged Beauty
Magicraftsman Studio presents
The Art of Roch Fautch
both concrete and the imagined
Since, Roch Fautch was four years old, being an artist is all he ever wanted
to do. It took 25 years of working in fiberglass, mold building and concrete
construction to help him realize his dream of being an artist. After a divorce,
Roch shut his construction company down, committed himself to his art and
ended up homeless for about three months. With determination and alot of
sacrifice, he was able to secure several private commissions, which enabled
him to set up a studio and small gallery, then began developing a low cost,
collectible gift line of clocks, lamps, and figurines. At first, he began
marketing these door to door and then a following began to grow. By
combining a wide variety of skills, an insatiable curiosity, and unique vision;
Roch is able to create from his heart in just about any media, as well as,
scale. His abilities as a Artist, Concrete specialist, and Sculptor are
recognized internationally. Today, Roch stays busy doing everything from
large scale artistic concrete installations, artificial rock, theme work to his
fine art painting, sculpture, and his functional concrete artworks disguised as
furniture. Living the dream!
Magicraftsmanship is about using our talents to create a better world.
Roch is dedicated to this, using his talent to create jobs, manufacturing and
marketing  art. He hopes to employ and teach homeless people, at risk youth
and adults about art and the importance of self expression in developing self
esteem. With belief in yourself, and direction, anything becomes possible.
By example he wants to show others how to dream, as well as, how to turn
those dreams into reality by using their passions to create lives they never
believed possible. If more people lived through their passions, the world
could be a different place.  
The Future...
About the Artist
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