carved concrete artificial rock retaining walls Spokane, WA
Roch Fautch artist sculptor builder
concrete artificial rock pond GFRC Spokane, WA
carved sculpted concrete entry steps, landings and waterfeature, Coeur D'Alene, CDA, ID
concrete pottery eggs GFRC, spokane, WA
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Dreamscaping is a team sport
With 30 years of experience in all aspects of
concrete construction and a life time as a fine
artist and sculptor; Roch Fautch has the
experience, vision, and technical capability to
make your dream a reality. With the unique
skill set  as painter, sculptor, and master
mason coupled with his understanding of
structure & materials allows him to create
anything that can be imagined in a wide
variety of media, as well as in any scale

Miniature to Monumental!
Our team consists of some of the most highly skilled
craftsman in the industry, with years of experience providing
decorative concrete, artificial rock, & theme work services for
casinos and amusement parks. We always deliver installations
of the finest quality, built to meet your specifications and
exceed your expectations. Whether built on site or in our
shop, every project is created to be a work of art & built to last
a millennium, inspiring everyone who sees it.
carved concrete moon bench GFRC, Spokane, WA
true artistry in concrete features and finishes