sculpted concrete artificial tree, Spokane, WA
interior sculpted stamped stained concrete steps and railing Spokane, WA
stamped stained concrete driveway with border, Spokane, WA
concrete artificial rock retaining wall GFRC, Coeur D'Alene, ID CDA
concrete artificial rock pond pool GFRC, Spokane, WA
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carved concrete logo, Spokane, WA
concrete foundation artificial rock GFRC with restored antique chainsaw art
stamped stained concrete flooring
carved concrete artificial rock, Spokane, WA
stamped stained concrete flooring, Spokane, Wa
Carved concrete crescent moon bench, GFRC, Spokane, WA
We are also creating a collection of unique artistic
concrete planters,benches, fireplaces, etc for home
garden and patio. Shipping is no problem either due to
the use of glass fiber reinforced concrete creating light
weight and extremely durable products. We gladly
accept commissions for custom pieces, designed
specifically for you.
Dreamscaping begins with your imagination
true artistry in concrete features and finishes