concrete contractor spokane, WA, Coeur D'Alene, ID
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stamped stained concrete flooring
true artistry in concrete features and finishes
We are a Concrete Contractor located in
Spokane Valley, WA providing decorative,
artistic and traditional concrete services in
Eastern WA and North Idaho. In addition, we
also offer unique interior concrete installations
such as; concrete flooring, fireplaces, showers,
counter tops and even artificial rock water
From the most basic jobs to the most awe
inspiring concrete installations, We have the
experience and vision to make your dream a
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Concrete has come of Age! No longer just cold and gray,
today concrete rivals marble, stone or tile and exceeds
them in many ways, especially strength and durability.
The amazing variety of colors and textures available also
make it a popular choice for architects & designers.  
Flooring, counter tops, water features,fireplaces, etc. .
interior concrete flooring Post Falls, ID
concrete countertop Spokane, WA
carved concrete fireplace GFRC Coeur d'alene, ID CDA
concrete artificial rock water feature Silverwood Theme Park spokane, WA
stamped, carved concrete steps Spokane, WA
carved concrete logo Spokane, WA
licensed ,bonded and insured
sculpted concrete bighorn sheep head ram Spokane, WA
Dreamscaping your ultimate expression in concrete