Darrell Wilcox, Master Painter, was born an artist.
When he was very young, he started by drawing
human forms and continued developing his gift.
Trained in the East, the West and in Italy, Darrell
holds an MFA and taught at both Loyola University
and WSU. He has done his share of pretty
landscapes, but his large oil paintings, which he
describes as “metaphors for social justice” are what
he has become known for.
Darrell currently teaches painting classes at The
Hatch, Creative Incubator
9612 East Sprague Avenue in Spokane Valley, WA
Magicraftsman Studio presents
The Surreal  Art Gallery
Hall of Fame Artists
Darrell Wilcox
Mitchell Pluto
Mitchell Pluto, is a primitive surrealist who's been
practicing the divination of the irrational
subconscious since 1997. His themes include
consciousness, healing and nature.  He currently
lives with his wife, Julie near Missoula Montana,
where they work together creating rustic hand made
jewelry .   
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