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Magicraftsman Studio presents
The Surreal  Art Gallery
both concrete and the imagined
Magicraftsmanship is about transforming the thin air of dreams into precious and
beautiful works of art, inspiring others to look into themselves and imagine greater
possibilities. It is this passion that drives our dedication to continue providing a
commission free venue for artists, local and abroad,  to share their more thought
provoking and surreal works of art. In lieu, of a commission , we ask that our artists
donate 20% of their sales to local charities benefitting children and the elderly.

With the wide variety of work here, we challenge you to find something that would
look nice in your home or office. We are also happy to design something custom for
you on special order.

Miniature to Monumental!

Be sure to come visit us. Please feel free to contact us
if there is something we may do for you.
18209 E. Appleway Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99016
When you combine the full force of your heart with imagination, magic ensues!
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We are open First Friday and Second Saturday of every month
and also by appointment.